Who The Hell Is Sandy Bottom

So you want to know about the bottom?,

Here is the dreadful history…

Sandy was born in a little two headed town called Bitcharoo, Tasmania fortunately with little Cousins or Family to hold and mate with.

It was there she grew up with other children and was taught to sing and act,  as her parents worked in a big Cadbury factory. It was there she started her entertaining career, singing and dancing for all the folks at the Golden Showers Retirement Centre.
Once she finished her schooling, she decided to investigate a career in pole dancing and personal massage. She moved to a luxury apartment on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia called the, “Pink Pull Palace”, it was unlucky that she broke a nail and led to scratched patrons. Her new professional career didnt last long so she decided to move to Sydney and follow the bright lights of the lucky country.

After moving to New South Wales her career flourished and she has become a well known Sydney Gay and Lesbian Icon, besides her countless fundraising and community support, she has embarked in many productions such as Caesars Hotel, Lewisham Hotel,Flinders Hotel, Taxi Club, Stonewall Hotel, Arc, Imperial Hotel, Oxford Hotel, Slide Restaurant and Many more.

With her well known celebrity shows on Beat Fm, Queer Out West, Guest appearances on Tens 7.30 Project, Channel 7’s morning program, Sydney Morning Herald, Coast Out Festivals, Mardi Gra’s Festivals, Out West shows such as Heaven and Kaleidoscope and Many more including Flash Mob performances she is dedicated to entertain with her challenging vocals and live singing cabaret performances.

With four Albums, and many shows across the world including, Usa, Italy and regular appearances in Thailand, she is one of the most fun loving and amazing live singing blues, soul, swing and country performers in her one of unique personality and persona.

Miss Sandy Bottom Coast Out
Miss Sandy Bottom Coast Out