So Much On

Its true darlings with a busy lifestyle like mine I really do get all caught up with the hustle and bustle of a busy working’ girl. I wish to thank everyone that gave me thanks for Davids service at the Midnight shift it was very overwhelming and in a way im glad its all over.

Some highlights on the schedule are under away – including a new album in which I have been preparing and threatening for some time. This Sunday 03/05/09 Leather pride will be having a pride fair day at the video bar at the Midnight Shift, Ill will be hosting from 3.30Pm so hope to see you there, I will then pop up to stonewall for pollys at a bit later.

For my wonderful friends up on the coast we are organising a trip up to Port Macquarie for June the 7th, for a bit of fun for coastal castaways. There always great events with lots of fun for everyone so if your interested drop me a line.

There will also be a new show starting on the last Saturday of each month at the Taxi Club with myself and the original taxi show girls. The last performance was so successful that we are looking forward to another huge fun night.

Thursday Nights will be taking off with a new blues style set each week that bring back the original feel of the New York Style soul clubs. I have been working a lot of this music back into the play list and people are loving it, so hope to see you each and every week at the Clarence Out Bar from 8.30Pm.

So there is lots on and many more to come in the next few weeks, So I hope to see you all there soon. XX Sandy B

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