A friend to remember

To all my favorite friends and ones I dont like as well. lol

Im sad to announce that my good friend David Hiscock, who was apart of Beat Fm and Family has passed away today the 25th April 2009. In his honour I am welcoming friends to join me with his friends to the Taxi Club at 10.15Pm tonight for a honour show and rememberece for his presence in our Glbt Community. This show will also be played on Thursday Night at the Clarence Hotel on the 02nd Thursday of May.

Davids love as a Dj for many a decades was music, and has worked, attended and supported myself for years. He will be sadly missed, loved and have a special place in my heart for ever.

I hope to see you all there.

Love Sandy B xx


Sandy Bottom live singer, songwriter of jazz, blues, pop and handbag music. With 18 Years of entertaining audiences all over the world. Sandy presents podcasts with news of Sydney and beyond including two albums to date.

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