Too Long Between Drinks

Darlings as we cuddle in front of the heater this winter its important not to forget to let your hair down and get out of that lounge room. This winter is sizzling with fun and excitment all over town.

If you missed my instalments of “The Taxi Has Talent”, you have no idea what you missed. With some brilliant entertainment and fun, I hosted the first and original contest just of Oxford St at my home The Taxi Club. Over the 8 week instalment we had dancers, strippers, singers, male entertainers and of course the ever so familiar Drag Queens.

With the finals last Saturday night and trust me it was a full house it has started a new show and instalment of a new competition in town called ” Search for a Stripper”. Its a tantalising, fun way to spend your evening and is going to be a huge hit. Being a club they keep some bits private and that could be a good thing.

I have also been working around town very hard during this winter break with shows all over town and looking for new talent for a new show we are starting soon at the Taxi Club. But this is a too be announced …. under wraps darlings.

Myself and the Boys at the Clarence Hotel the latest and most only gay fun pub in the Inner west has opened and to think in the first weeks they have had thousands come to check it out. Every day these boys have been spending money and time on this project and its a god send to the community that they have finally left the city.

I will be working at the club very shortly with two main events in the Out Bar being a new show related to sports and another as a man ” Ohh my god”, yep a man – its going to be a Manacle event like no other before. Lets say Im wet allready.

I know its  all very vague but it will make more sense in the next few weeks so keep in touch.

Love Sandy B

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