Its Been Some Time

Yes darlings it has been some time sense i have last posted or written on my online post and I am truly sorry for all those who don’t really give a damb but could of considered that i died or something else maybe. But the truth is I have been extremely busy trying to get my life in order for the next few months of mayhem and fun. With the launch of my new album not very far I have been very busy with the Taxi Club and other venues doing fun and different events around town.

Anzac was a huge success and if you missed me doing my stuff there it really is your loss,(lol) No it was lots of fun tossing the coins for Two up and help raise moneys which is over $100.00 I think in the end. Not bad for just having a bit of fun with the crowed. In case you wondered the Taxi Club is a club so they are allowed to ask for a commission of your winnings – or a donation – it will go towards the other funds I have raised for the Luncheon Club. We are currently saving these funds and will present a cheque later in the year to them when it becomes a little more substantial.

I have been working on my next album called “In the Heat of the night”, a mixture of jazz, blues and a few fun pop tunes with the Sandy Bottom touch. This album has been taking much more time that I expected due to getting the right feel to the numbers. Sometimes you do a recording and it just sounds like a cheap karaoke track with voice overs and I am aiming to give the tracks warmth, dynamic lift and perhaps a bit of wonder bra treatment. Over the next few weeks I will be donating a once off single to the BGF bake off, and hopefully someone will buy it for at least a few dollars. This will be posted online later in the season.

Well thats a quick update on whats happening in my life. I will be doing some more caberet shows in a few weeks so I will keep you posted.

Till next week, stay gorgious

Love Sandy xxx

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