Happy Bloody Mardi Gras Again

Hello my darlings, I do hope that your Mardi Gras Experience was totally up to scratch and that you were out and about, on the town and perhaps under someone’s sheets during the festive or is that festi season.

This year I would love to say thank you to some very special people who have made my Mardi Gras season very special. First I would love to say a special happy Mardi Gras to

Dj Justin Scott ( who kindly helped me with all my gigs this season)

J-Bear and his gorgeous partner,

and also the boys from Manacle,

The Taxi Club and its wonderful members including Michelle the boss in the club.

Patrick and Jules who always look after me at New Mardi Gras and including all the staff of New Mardi Gras and there help during Fair Day Shows.

The good news is that during this period I have raised with some greatful artists over $600.00 which will be distributed back into the community. I have also sold (YES SOLD) over 150 Albums. That’s not bad considering there only available at my shows and not sold in stores.

So what has the next two months got in store, well the good news is that I am back in the recording studios again. I will be hopefully releasing my new album in May-June-July and its going to be a whopper. With soul, blues, Jazz and a pop song it will tingle your taste buds. I am also going to be doing a state tour before the end of the year and also be involved in Inquisition this year again.

If you would like any more information on my album feel free to contact me here at bottom promotions and keep a eye out in the next month or so with a couple of new shows I am planning.

Also don’t forget that this time of the year everyone lets there hairs down and go out on the town. But remember if your out and about play it safe and be safe, and remember to always tell someone quick if your in the shit.

Sandy at Paddington Rsl

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