Another Year another Heel

Will and Tobys 13th January 2008

In the rage of glory of the New Years Party I always manage to spare myself the excitement of the dance floor.

Working on New Years Eve is always a pleasure to service my favourite fans the common drunk. Its true you don’t need to be drunk to get full pleasure out of me making a fool out of myself by forgetting the words to one of the most common known songs in the retro world, but you do need patience and a stiff gin.

The one thing that I really have please of doing on the biggest night of the year is always gaining something that usually only women in my calibre receive is the largest blister on the back of my heel. Those new heels always look exciting in the window, the sparkle, the flash, the bloody pain. Dont men know how lucky they really are with there fancy flat footed pumps, when us women will all glory get to entice them with the old fashioned high heel.

My suggestion to you all ladys and interested men that like a bit of kink.


Let me not put a dampner on it for you all, I had a great night at the Taxi Club and wish you a wonderfull new year and hopefully a fully recovered liver.

Love Sandy Bottom
Ps. keep a eye out for my next gig at Will and Tobys on Sunday the 13th a great show not to be missed.

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