A Little Pissy Christmas

Well darlings I wish you all a little pissy Christmas and hope that all your wishes desires and hopes do come true while your sitting back eating far too much food, drinking far too much wine or what ever and putting up with far too much crap from all your drunk family and friends. I know that during the next few days you will be able to drown your body weight with cheese and crackers, perhaps a turkey or nine and even down a chicken on the run, so lets not forget its a terrible time for the hips and one day you will have to work it off again. Have I ruined your Christmas yet, hope not. Have a great one I will be on stage again this New Years Eve at the Taxi Club – From 10pm till 2am with spot gorgeous retro shows. Then I will be at Will and Tobys (above the Oxford Hotel) on the 13th. More info to come as needed, have a safe and wonderful Break love Sandy B

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