Isnt it crazy to think that we are only weeks away from being off the big day you either love or hate Christmas. With Bells ringing, people singing, and a shifty looking character like Santa clause. People will be rushing in force to buy that famous unwanted gift, place it on that unwanted credit card and then hopefully loose the unwanted bill. In some cases people will just not offer gifts and give donations to a worthy cause, but most wont.

This year darlings I taking a new step, Im making each and every gift, I have delved out of my pandora’s box and found left over bits and pieces and suddenly, whallla, Im a instant Tania Todman. To make my effort so much more easily I have adopted two friends, well actually three, Two are people from china – still waiting for me to hand back there visa’s and the other is the well known book of “Better Homes and Gardens”. Its amazing what you can create when you waive a rice grain under a chinese persons nose.

Yes we have been decopaging, cutting, scraping and boiling all in the name of making something more wonderful then last years decorations from Westfield Shopping Centre. So far I have managed with my friends help (“get back to it you bastards”) – 0ops sorry! three gorgeous scrap books with all my fantastic, brilliant and wonderful photos of me covered in real acrylic sequins, so all the family can have me. This is to match the tea light candle holders with a decopage of me and not to forget the table placement made of apples with a star on top and my face embossed on it.

See just a few nails and bag of rice and its done in minutes.

Now darlings if you are buying a gift or making a gift find some heart in it like myself, dont buy china instead darlings bring china with you, its affordable and its Australian.

Till next week, pop off the “Taxi Club” for me and put in a dollar in a machine, there on the brink of going broke. No Joke

Talk soon Love


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