Sell out and Stand Up

Hello darlings,

Can you believe that my show at the Taxi Club this Saturday night has been sold out. Last night as I dropped in to check out all the final preparations it actually brought me back to when I first started doing cabaret. The guys that now own and run the Divines Resteraunt are going to great lengths to make sure that nothing is going to be spared.
Not only is the venue space already lovely with all the local art work and plush surroundings but it will be bedazzled with tablecloths and glamour surroundings. I know can you believe that once a major home of Drag is putting it back to its community. This is Sydney’s only major club that has been apart of the Glbt and especially transgender community and its working harder to get back its clientele in a big way.
Once upon a time every venue when they had something special on would always do something to make it there’s, and this includes the dance bars and clubs, If they were having a theme all the heart and soul would be poured in to not just the atmosphere but also the surroundings.
I’m not sure where this all ended but I hope as things on the Gay strip get worse it will make venues work harder to get the Gay dollar.
Well one thing that I can guarantee as I walked home down the main street of oxford st scared out of my wits as patrons on the side of the road whisper faggot under there breaths I do hope that our community stand up again and become one, twinks, bears, mums and daddies, If we want to own our space we have to make it ours, glits, glam and tablecloths is a start, and just being a community, we will win.

Until next week darlings
Take care
Love Sandy B

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