In Da Taxi Club (and other issues)

Afternoon Darlings, After deciding to head out for the night, which then travelled onto the weekend, which then is still travelling inside my head darlings, I have decided to give my liver a rest for a couple of days. Is it not my fault that my friends give me the urge to drink, I can not do anything about these misfortunes and just have to get on with my life in a social manner but only drinking tea and water. As I lie awake from my overdose of lovelly red bottles of drink from a harbour cruise around sydney, ohh and the bottle of champaine, ohhh and the vodka on the rocks, ahhh and the cold beer on a sunny day. I release I do have a problem darlings, I obviously cant hold my liquor, I used to double that and now look at me a washed up old cardigan from the salvos darling. Once it was a gorgious piece of cardboard and the disco would go off, now its a glass of bubbly and im a toliet smouldering, floor hugging mess. So as I type this informal notice to all avid friends who think that feeding Sandy too much alchol and avoiding drugs, I say thankyou from both my liver and my aching head. I now will go through a very rigorious program of just drinking this herbal crap mixed with a little toddy of brandy… ooops I mean honey and wash all my sins away.. Lets hope there is a big drain darlings!!

The plug..

If your in town next Saturday night, check out the Taxi Club and the new resteraunt owners at Devines. There offering a degustation of 7 courses for $40.00, cheap booze and me a cheap entertainer.

There will be the normal cheap menu in the economy class seats and but be warned these seats are not for the faint hearted.
I will be offering a delightfull funny mix of caberet singing live songs from my new album, “In Da Club” and offering a warm sense of fun and gorgiousness.

Check out my website at www.bottompromo.com or go to the taxi club for bookings..


these are very limited tickets as they are already nearlly sold out (for once I finally pull a crowed)

Ok… now I off to find a bottle of wine with my name on it… hair of the dog is my friend.. Love Sandy B x xx

Sandy in da taxi club

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