Winter Glbt Community Appeal

Hello darlings,

Who would believe that I have missed a whole month in just writing to you and letting you know my thoughts and ideas of this wonderful world. The reason in not being in touch is I have been flat out with work and life and the cold as it is winter here. I also have been working on my new album which hopefully will be in release in the next couple of weeks. I have been preparing some brilliant or not so brilliant tracks that include blues, jazz and a few smooth classics. Some of these will include “summertime” and the old favorite in the style of Bill Withers, “use me”. I feel like a shampoo model when I put “in the style of” in front of everything then to hear the track and find its nothing like the style of anyone. The idea of making this new album will be to raise vital moneys for the gay and lesbian community in which small non profit charities will receive the money. So far I have raised just over $180.00 in funds for my little fund and hopefully this will add to the kitty. It’s a great shame to see some of the great little battler charities go broke and close when there help is just as needed now as ever. I’m aiming to hopefully by winter next year raise over $5000.00 just in sales of this album and hopefully will be doing some launches in the next few weeks in some of local clubs and pubs. If you’re able to help me with this please contact me at my email I would love to be able to get it out and beyond. The best thing is the album will be available also online in the next couple of weeks also, so keep your eyes out for the next update. Well until next week I will talk to you then. With love Sandy

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