Dont Forget Will You

Hello darlings,

I have finally come to my senses and realise that I am old and perhaps the first stage of dementia. Yep it’s no good trying to pretend that it is all going to disappear and everything will be normal again. In fact I am sure that there must be some statistic to prove that a university in the middle of America can prove that all my eating habits are either making me fade away to a toilet pulp or simply I am loosing my mind.

It’s true that there are many ways to prove that you are loosing your mind like me, such as today I was shopping away not taking any notice of the time when the shops started to close. Even though I had my shopping list that I filled out last week but forgot about it and didn’t realise.

I decided to go to the supermarket and be attended to in a friendly way (not) and then couldn’t remember what the hell I needed. So in my usual way I purchased everything that I already had the in cupboard.

Then to find out I the trolley dolly fashion that I couldn’t remember where the car was to get the bloody things home.

Each day and I have to write myself little messages usually like, “don’t forget to not forget that if you forget you’re in trouble”. I am the only person at the moment who has a post it note on my bottom so when I’m off to the toilet I wont forget which end to put down first. Currently my husband is putting post notes on my clothes, fridge and even the washing basket but the problem is that I can’t remember to read them.

Oh what am I going to do?

I have written to Athena star women but forgot to attach a stamp; I wrote an email to ask the but then forgot to pay the internet bill. I even asked my neighbor but forgot he didn’t speak English.

Instead I have looked far and wide, deep and low and round to get the results that I need. I have realised that no matter how much you remember, and how often you remember it’s sometimes a bit nice to forget too. And until I lower perhaps my drinking habits and late night socializing then perhaps I should just forget it.

As I write a reminder to purchase a gift for mum on Mothers Day, perhaps you should remember to call her too.

Love Sandy


Sandy Bottom live singer, songwriter of jazz, blues, pop and handbag music. With 18 Years of entertaining audiences all over the world. Sandy presents podcasts with news of Sydney and beyond including two albums to date.

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