Up in Smoke

So I have decided to give up the smokes, yep no more of the old ciggers or better known as my other friend, no harm done. Apparently I am meant to be getting some sort of reaction to this with all this de-toxing, cleaning and making myself more spiritual with some higher being that will free my life of the most addictive drug known to man.

Its Ok the CD player told me to do it.

I must be very lucky as I have no side effects from wetting my soul from the holy stick in the sky is sleeping and eating. I don’t have anything to look up to early in the evenings, late in the evenings and for breakfast I just have to get back in to the routine of feeding my thighs and resting my unloved love handles. I most admire the taste of food again, the only problem I have nothing to mask all the things I didn’t desire when the hell drug gave it all its glory.

Its Ok the CD player told me to do it.

Darling I am not telling you that I have become a hippy and have decided to tie myself to a tree, hug it like a koala and start singing, ‘o sinner man’, no that will never happen to me unless there is a mini bar involved. But for winter I believe that you have to give up something and as sex was the runner in the last four years perhaps now its time to start picking on other things that really matter. Besides I don’t need the expense of all those brilliant love sticks, they are nothing to me.

Its Ok the CD player told me to do it.

When you look at yourself and decide well I am not giving up the nail polish, hair lacquer nor will I challenge the thought of doing exercise then I have no choice but to get rid of the devil perfumes. I’m sure that the cold sweats, aggravation and hallucinations will gently ease over time and I know that my voodoo doll will forgive me for gently taking some of my frustrations out on it with the chain saw.

The best thing is I am one of the lucky ones so I don’t have to worry there is no issue at the moment. The bastards can’t do this to me!! See now just got to let some of that little frustration out and there isn’t an issue. Prick!

Look its all for the best, but if I was you right now or that stupid man in the CD player telling me that I can enjoy this experience I would run, run for the hills, smoke like a train, free yourself from the city smog and suck up some of that menthol delight. Get a packet of ciggies and smoke the box in a night until your oozing with love.

Or you can just relax and enjoy giving up the occasional smoke and follow the CD player for its all for the best isn’t it. And you can enjoy giving up. Bastard!

I can’t wait till the next installment of giving up the booze.refit sandy 3.jpg

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