Out of town in Winter

Some time when you wake up in the morning you just don’t want to get out of bed. The comfort of your big fluffy doona and the smell of that morning fart you have just before you rise for the day. I just love winter and the glory of all the darkness that Sandy Bottom Media Talk surrounds you so you would still think that its only four in the morning but actually your still ten minutes late, To overcome the morning fever as I would call it I have developed some sophisticated ideas to help you get more out of your morning darlings. Some of these things with you in mind will help you achieve the total morning experience to overcome what perhaps was one of the latest evenings before hand. 1. Prepare your morning with a buzz and invest in a small fridge to fit in your bedroom close to your bed. In this you will need to store some of the following items.

  • a) Six pack of caffeine style drinks such as V. These will help the seedy stomach and open the mind, so they say. In an emergency you can also store Vodka or other emergency ales in case of a recurring effect of drinking to make them pretty.
  • b) Pills – It doesn’t really matter what they are darling but Vitamins would be start and in all cases something to stop the bottom and headache pains because any girl can never be too careful.
  • c) The Mini snack for when perhaps the night before wasn’t as exciting as you expected. In this case whilst in the middle of your evenings adventure and perhaps your rolled over admiring the ceilings structure you can eat a packed of crisps. Warning these might leave crumbs.
  • d) A dust buster hand vacuum to remove the crumbs.
  • e) Good toner and moisturizer is always a handy object to have the next morning it helps alleviate the wrinkles on both your bottom and also the face. I never make dinner without reapplying my shellac moisture 2000 cream.
  • f) Clear eyes because even though you didn’t enjoy it and there not really your time you can apply these before hand for the tears effect.
  • g) Microwave to warm up the lube if you have come home by yourself.

This doesn’t always work for everyone darlings of course because not all of you are staying out boogie pimps looking for a little fast action on a midweek evening. But perhaps if your really that cold and you want something else besides watching Eddie on television then its time to revisit your local club and get a little of downstairs action again.

Until next time darlings Love Sandy B

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