I know darlings if you have had a few issues with the downloading of the podcasts of Sandys soapbox. I have been busy working of resolving the issues darling and hopefully this one will be up and running with no problems.

This weeks Soapbox has been proudly brought to you by samesame.com as most of the articles have been pulled directly out of the site and onto your podcaster thingy. Also if you have been missing anything latelly from your player selection check out the Beatfm website with a couple of exciting new shows starting from next week.

some things that you might be aware of this week is Varla Jean Merman who is playing at the opera house. If you havnt seen her or heard of her check out sxnews.com with there latest article she looks great.

Im also glad to annouce that the “Dollar Club” will be held at the Flinders Hotel on May 12th which is also Inquisition but not to worry all will be faboulous. More on this in the next show.

If you have something on or have any questions feel free to drop me a line at sandy@bottompromo.com

Love Sandy

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