Fortune Telling

Its true that even my future can look dim in a smoky claddy night club bashing out tunes that even your dog would run from, but while away i decided to leave my future in the hands of a greater person, Esmarelda the fotune teller. This lady although attractivelly wearing what could be regarded as a velvet cafe curtain, surelly could opt to tell me my wealth, health, and perhaps a touch of tickle (love).

Whilist i wait ever so patiently I brood over my future wondering what great mysteries await my future, will i be rich, will i be sad, will i get any work, god i need a coke, the usual things. Its amazing when you are put in these situations that all your hopes and wishes all come to mind. At this time all i could think of is how can i get a can of coke without missing my place in the que, I was dying for a drink, I could just kill. Either way im sure its in the cards.

So finally i meet this ugly miss, its more like a lounge throw than a cafe hang!, as she starts the timer like a game show and asks me to shuffle the cards my lots of fingers that im famous for drop a card or two…. What does this mean, What difference will this make.. Ooops for a second I stopped thinking about that coke.

Essie as i nicked named her now, places the cards around the table telling me that i will have a little win and that my love even though been rocky will continue, and that my health is stong but be carefull of small minor accidents. What about the work I think, what about the work?

It appears that even though my future is long and prosperous and that will continue perhaps until the audience finally refuse to see me any more there will be plenty to come.
The wonderful thing is that I when i returned home i had a small win on the lotto, but i do mean Very Small so dont put your hand out just yet. The rest well nothing that i would really care of besides that first moment that i picked up that can and took a swig of that marvoulous can of coke.

I have now decided that putting all your money into a curtain reading lady isnt all that bad and to sooth any addiction to this form of future telling i have decided to place $2.00 in every fortune telling machine until i find the future im looking for.

Well you do decide your own destiny dont you?

And next perhaps thinking of investing in a coke machine.

Love Sandy

Sandy Bottom Live

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