Return To Me

As i finalise my days living my life as some great queen from abroad, eating fresh local delights and savouring my very few left taste buds for some local ale, I realise how long it is until I return to the big smoke. This has left me with some greatfull memories on how the country folk do it different here, if you know what i mean?

1, Going to the city is like shopping in a country town with four major roads and one mall in the middle casted by pieces of glass and some obvious locals from the very local hospital. In return to this observation i also noted not one had a sign at there feet saying, “im homeless and want coins” nor did i get the question “got a ciggie bro?”. This can only mean too things they really did kill all the full blood aboriginals years ago or that perhaps there is still plenty of ciggies left on the ground to choose from. Unfortiantly the talent in the residing alley ways only consisted of good musical entertainment from a young saxaphone player. This is nothing like the city I know!.

Can you believe i even gave the boy a couple of dollars too… Never to be spoken again

2. Lets just get a bite…. If i had a dollar for every time some one just wanted a cuppa or lets get a bite i would be one rich bitch. Its true that my hips and waist have expanded a few meters over the years darlings but this place takes the cake.. pardon the pun.

Every local diner cafe has one thing exclusivelly in common. Chips. Yep its Nachos.. With Chips… Have a lovelly fresh salad roll… with Chips.. Was i really in heaven or have i reach the bustline hell darlings. With the mixture of potatoes and frying goodness everywhere i had no where to reach but into the debths of deep fry chip worlds never been reached before. I even tryed a upmarket resteraunt to be served a bowl of fries or chips on the side. In the end darlings i had no choice but let it all go and soak myself in the chip land of joy and knowling this can only be a short term desire.

3. Road Happiness….. Forget the road rage thats experienced in the big smoke land and settle for something else darlings. Country town rage, its the rage of finding the car spot far away, away, away from any other spot. In this amazing place down under most people are actually fighting to park there car in a exclusive spot away from anyone else. These people are happy to walk fifteen minutes from any entrance to avoid car damage. But the struggle for the lone car is not just a careless matter, they will even argue to have no car parked next to them. This might suprise the hustle of us people who love to do a flying spree at our local shopping centre.

4. Joy transport… Sitting in a luxury bus being presented with a smiling faced bus driver who insisted in a very australian way, “hows it goin”. What is this man on I think perhaps he is one of those rectnol fiends but actually learn to know that he really is a nice person. What on hell is this place raising, no one in this world could have a public job and be happy, Im sure that its against the law darlings. Either way the trip was lovelly, the music was lovelly and i still had some more chips to look forward to.

5. Wine in the afternoon…. I live in a world that offered 24 hour conviencience at any price. We have supermarkets that are open, Kmarts that stay open late, even the local nosh cafe stays open in the tourist areas. But could i get a packet of smokes at 3am in the city here darlings, not a chance. Thank god it didnt forget the libra fler, the only thing i could find on a week nite here darling was a loaf of bread or a sausage roll. True the 24 hour convience here is a bakery offering fatty delights for everyone. I do feel let down that they dont have chips after 3 though. Its true darlings forget the wine, dine and music partying. Here is slicing,dicing, and blending those cakes to the early morning. No wonder the figure is a part of the future here.
Over all the fun is to be had by everyone here on the little island of death and chip, waistline carnage. Till i talk later in the week darlings, stay in the deep fry mood im in

Love Sandy

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