Its all so nice isnt it?

Hello darlings,

While being on my small trip way down under I have discovered something i have long forgot before, the art of being NICE. Nice is perhaps only a short part of it, but i mean being nice is not really something that i want myself being recognised for darlings. As I woke this morning i was greeted in a nice way by my lovelly friend and was offered in a nice way coffee and nice toast. Not only did the terrible niceness go along but the awfull neighbours gave a very cheerfull nice hello. Is this Australia darlings, well not really its Tasmania, but my god everyone is being nice and to be honest im not sure if im ready for this style of culture shock my loves.

Please I beg of you dont share the nice talk around, watch sky news and keep the gloom and doom around. I cant stand being nice any longer than it needs.

As you can tell its being utter hell from the time i have got off the plane, tea and lunch and breakfast have all being supplied daily, nice warm days and cool nights, and lots of wonderfull afternoon drinkies darlings. Im not sure if i could cope with this lifestyle but i will just have to make do until i return to the big city. The only thing im worried about at the moment is if i can stand being nice back to everyone.

Just this afternoon in my search for some toothpast to clean the fangs, i nearlly died, the girl at the supermarket checkout was smiling, and then in a nice way said,”have a nice afternoon”. I mean darlings how am i ment to approach this act of slavery that these people are trying to press on my boossoms of earth.

My answer to you lovelly people is dont be nice, dont even smile, and perhaps get someone else to get the last minute shopping, its time that we all stick together like a scene from the young and the restless and get mean. We can bring back the evil smile and say,”I hope you too have a nice day””Bitch”.

Until later darlings, keep it mean and have another vodka on me,

love Sandy B


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