This week on Sandy’s Soapbox we introduce the good luck Gay Horoscopes for the month for you to keep up to date in what should or could be happening on your star sign for the month. With a quick show this week I indulge on the shallow interest of whats happening in news and reviews of our state and country.

Just today i rised for my usual fresh coffee and my favourite show for saturday morning Blankety Blanks with Lily Savage, I realised that i have finally got over my Mardi Gras Fever.

I was once again just another house wife with nothing better to do than nibble on a few pieces of toast and devon and perhaps retire when im sixty or so. What on earth can i do to make my life more interesting, more profound and perhaps a little saucy. Well darlings lets face it, with my figure there isnt a high chance that ballet is on the list unless its the elephants dance.

So in my fight for electricity and insanity i cleaned doors, floors and even under the bed darlings. I steam mopped every surface until you could nearly see your face in it. Out come the dry bikkies and tea and onward forward i marched with soap and gloves in hand. The hair rollers were placed into battle piece by piece, the dirty mop was tragically put into place to fight the evil germs. Once finished i just flusted my waist in to the nearest chair and placed a cigarette in the mouth.

One thing i have learnt about this whole adventure darlings is, dont look to hard. If you look to hard it just becomes another task that you have forgotten. If your in need of something thats different just take your self of to a shopping mall, purchase a coffee and sweetie treaty and it will be so much easier than doing house work.

And in case your wondering, im hiring a house cleaner this week, and she better be good.

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Until later in the week enjoy

Love Sandy

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