Thanks for the fun and the memories a dedication

For all those wonderfull people who made it to the “Dollar Club” at the Flinders Hotel on Saturday night, thanks for your wonderfull support and most of all fun. What and exciting evening it was too with all the glits and glamour from all the fabulous faces you would expect. A great thankyou for the most entertaining and funny Sex and Glitter with a kitch show featuring a telephone man and a little simulated sexy romp with only the style that you would expect from. The money as mentioned previously all goes into a community chest to raise vital dollars for the Glbt community.

One of the interesting things on the night was a lovelly crowed of people who were unfortiantly celebrating a friends wake. With a drink or two I dedicated a wonderfull hyme to there gorgious disceased friend and found them all crying there eyes out. What a shock, bringing the house down with tears. I know they loved it and it was a final passing for there friend and i only wish that i had done this for some of my wonderful friends i have lost over the years also.

Well trying to move from depressing..

Another edition of Sandys Soapbox is now online for podcast download and also is being played across the world on the internet radio network and in Australia on Beat Fm. Check it out and hopefully will find some interest in the wonderful music chosen this week.

Till later in the week stay wonderfull
Sandy Bottom Live From Flinders Hotel

Love Sandy

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