Back to work Bitch

Sandy Bottom Express

Getting back into the swing of things after the festival can be a little easier said than done, expecially if you were one of the people that was rolling out the party door at 6pm the next day to then continue onto the next venue. Here are some of my fantastic tips to make sure you are feeling the best of shape through the next week.

* Drink plenty of coffee, until your liver cant take any more – its a great excuse to get out of that office chair and into the kitchen. If you overdose on caffeen its a better excuse than i took to much ekkie on the weekend. Water helps but its over rated in my experience.

* Wear too much eye liner then go to bed late, it gives you the best panda eyes in the world. Panda eyes are a great feel sorry for me tip when moping around the office. It’s a great, “i’ve got the flue and stayed in bed all weekend” or ” I think my drink was spiked by the increadble hulk”. These not only give great results but really show the true meaning of hangover.

* Get someone to punch you in the face and then say you were assulted. Warning this one hurts.

* And of course if you have tried everything and your just not getting the week after feel sorry for me treatment then go to your local 7/11 all night convience store and scream, “rape”. You may get arrested and then sent to your local police station. This is a great think get them to ring work and say that you have been abused again in another form. In the case this doesnt work, plead your having a nervous break down, its cheap and affordable at your time of dispare.

Who could amagine a time that we would once be able to spring back to work and everything would be fine until the dreaded Ekkie Tuesday would hit. It would be the morning that not everything would be fine and even men had there periods.

If your looking for some great pictures of the party then the good news is that www.sxnews.com.au have got some on parade and for illigal copying (only joking). Have a look but it seems nothing else on the web is really up at the moment. Beat Fm will be putting up video shorts online very soon but these take heaps of time and well lets face it we still have a hang over.

If your arround town this weekend please drop into the “Dollar Club” its a great night and cheap and fun for everyone. I will be working my foam tits from around 9pm.

I apologise for not having a pod cast up this afternoon but will work on it asap for you.

Till later in the week, take care and for god sake have another coffee will you

Love Sandy

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