The End Is Near

While it may be approapiate to say that Mardi Gras is over for just another year, my bones are saying “you bitch”. With many hours spent on the side of the Road of the Flinders Hotel talking about what ever you can think of and most of it sounding very bla bla bla, the night went off like a dream. Not to mention a solo evening concert extravaganza at 1am for all the wonderfull people who had no other place to go.

My special thanks as always goes to my personal Dj Rob Marshall who was having a very hard time without any chemicals and only a small amount of booze. Its hard if you have been working all day and then all night and are still expected to jump to my call.

To my loyal listeners and friends from all places on earth, very shortly we will have online clips uploading for you to watch and perhaps even some coverage so your not feeling out of touch for the Mardi Gras 07.

And in case you were wondering, i didnt attend the Party this year but instead gave the ticket to a couple of volanteers that couldnt afford a ticket. My body, Karma and Liver are so much thankfull of my greatness.

I will be back in a day or two with a update of this weeks Sandys Soapbox, it will be great to catch you then.

Love Sandy

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

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