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Monthly Archives: October 2007

A big thankyou

Thankyou for all those who attended my album launch last night it was just fantastic. With all profits of my new album going towards my “Glbt Community Chest Fund” which has be derived to help all those charaties that dont recieve any outside funding.

On the goodside the feedback from album “In Da Club” is everyone thinks its a unique part of gay culture Sydneys and perhaps Australia’s first solo drag queen jazz and soul album, with reflections of the sixtys tv loung and beyond. Some of the things that I discussed are the lack of community support and support for small groups that are trying to make a difference and the need for the community to re-invent and re-educate the purpose of being together in our community.

During the last week I have approached over 30 media organisations and papers and only one paper did actually print the story and with great thanks to Sx News paper for this. My listing fon same same was put on the bottom as usual, which I find a little disheartening but perhaps I didnt throw them a Free charatie Cd. But This is not about bitching, I can do that anytime.

Once again for everyones support and I am now organising another promotional fundraising night for the wonderfull cd and if you would like to purchase a copy please email me at , 100% of the profits go to the organisation.

The album will be on sale through some limited outlets so stay tuned. And if your interested check out the video clip of the titled number its got to be love at

Love Sandy

Mixed Cover art

In Da Club – Launch of “It’s Love” by Sandy Bottom

Her first but not her only one, a movie clip launched today the 10th October with “It’s Love” a great funky tune you will love and enjoy


In Da Club Invitation

In Da Club Again

What a fantastic sleaze ball it was this year darlings. This year i helped by being a volunteer at the front gate and helped with a bit of vibe and excitement as we usher people through the gates into the wonderful party. With some cold fronts blowing down the main street I was lucky enough to keep warm with my gorgeous green cape that kept me warm and fuzzy as well. After my shift at one o’clock I did a leap into the Horden in which the first show was about to start. I was amazed by the brilliant production that was put on but extremely disappointed on the sound that it had, the music really was awful.

I later then wished off for a costume change into something that only could be described as terrific and there my words of course. I delved into a few drinks and lots of social chat in which I met some wonderful and colorful character people. I headed back home around 8am the next morning which is a record in my books. For all those who went out and partied well done for making an old showgirl have a good time and make her feet so sad.

Would you believe that on Monday the long weekend here in Sydney I stepped out in the middle of the day to shoot the film/video clip for my signature song on the album called “Its Love” a very funky song which will have your feet tapping in no time! As I walked the streets of Newtown singing to anyone that would listen in a gorgeous slack suit, people did give some funny looks and funny car horns as well. With some of the filming in the back of a gold valiant convertible cruising the streets and the warm sounds of my voice in the back round there was plenty of stares to be made from other vehicles.

The singles track will be released after the album but the video track will be posted on the you tube and this site once its finished by the editor and director and what ever he wants to call him self.

If you still have not got tickets to my official launch please go to the website  and order them online now. It’s a night not to be missed trust me, I currently am living and breathing it and I know you will have a ball.

Until later in the week darlings enjoy the rest of the week

With love

Sandy B