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Mardi Gras 07

Back to work Bitch

Sandy Bottom Express

Getting back into the swing of things after the festival can be a little easier said than done, expecially if you were one of the people that was rolling out the party door at 6pm the next day to then continue onto the next venue. Here are some of my fantastic tips to make sure you are feeling the best of shape through the next week.

* Drink plenty of coffee, until your liver cant take any more – its a great excuse to get out of that office chair and into the kitchen. If you overdose on caffeen its a better excuse than i took to much ekkie on the weekend. Water helps but its over rated in my experience.

* Wear too much eye liner then go to bed late, it gives you the best panda eyes in the world. Panda eyes are a great feel sorry for me tip when moping around the office. It’s a great, “i’ve got the flue and stayed in bed all weekend” or ” I think my drink was spiked by the increadble hulk”. These not only give great results but really show the true meaning of hangover.

* Get someone to punch you in the face and then say you were assulted. Warning this one hurts.

* And of course if you have tried everything and your just not getting the week after feel sorry for me treatment then go to your local 7/11 all night convience store and scream, “rape”. You may get arrested and then sent to your local police station. This is a great think get them to ring work and say that you have been abused again in another form. In the case this doesnt work, plead your having a nervous break down, its cheap and affordable at your time of dispare.

Who could amagine a time that we would once be able to spring back to work and everything would be fine until the dreaded Ekkie Tuesday would hit. It would be the morning that not everything would be fine and even men had there periods.

If your looking for some great pictures of the party then the good news is that have got some on parade and for illigal copying (only joking). Have a look but it seems nothing else on the web is really up at the moment. Beat Fm will be putting up video shorts online very soon but these take heaps of time and well lets face it we still have a hang over.

If your arround town this weekend please drop into the “Dollar Club” its a great night and cheap and fun for everyone. I will be working my foam tits from around 9pm.

I apologise for not having a pod cast up this afternoon but will work on it asap for you.

Till later in the week, take care and for god sake have another coffee will you

Love Sandy

The End Is Near

While it may be approapiate to say that Mardi Gras is over for just another year, my bones are saying “you bitch”. With many hours spent on the side of the Road of the Flinders Hotel talking about what ever you can think of and most of it sounding very bla bla bla, the night went off like a dream. Not to mention a solo evening concert extravaganza at 1am for all the wonderfull people who had no other place to go.

My special thanks as always goes to my personal Dj Rob Marshall who was having a very hard time without any chemicals and only a small amount of booze. Its hard if you have been working all day and then all night and are still expected to jump to my call.

To my loyal listeners and friends from all places on earth, very shortly we will have online clips uploading for you to watch and perhaps even some coverage so your not feeling out of touch for the Mardi Gras 07.

And in case you were wondering, i didnt attend the Party this year but instead gave the ticket to a couple of volanteers that couldnt afford a ticket. My body, Karma and Liver are so much thankfull of my greatness.

I will be back in a day or two with a update of this weeks Sandys Soapbox, it will be great to catch you then.

Love Sandy

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

Happy Mardi Gras 2007

Finally the parade day has arrived darlings and what an eventfull morning its going to be. Take into fact that hundreds of people will be getting up early this morning and getting ready for one of Austrlalia’s largest money producing events. With Millions of dollars being put back into the economy and business in the Sydney businesses. From there hundreds of Gays, Lesbians and asians will flock to other respite or resort areas on the coast or Cairns. Its a shame with all this interest and fun that Gays and Lesbians still cant have unity in the community and fairness to same sex couple relationships and marrages in Australia. Yet still this is regarded one of the most major events held in the southern homosphere (yes its deliberate).

This morning as every queen and its dog will be tickering, tayloring and sequin sewing to produce perhaps one of the most magical events in Australia. I personally will be rushing to katies and getting a 9.95 special. With only a few hours to spare before i need my usual two hour shave I am off to find some comfy sandles to wear between venues. Something with a bit of height but also with a touch of tacky glamour.

If your out and about and you need some entertainment please feel free to join me at the Flinders Hotel after 4pm This afternoon check out the Beatfm website – it has all the information that you need.

In the Case its your special night and your either dancing, walking, shining or talking I hope that in every case this is another night to remember under the stars. Place it safe, avoid drugs and stay drunk.

Lots of love Sandy

Episode 2 Mardi Gras 07

Hello darlings,

Another exciting episode for you to listen to for the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Period. With a list of whats on and a little story related to the opening of the Mardi Gras Festival. If you have missed the last few episodes, my apologies as you can see i have been doing some house cleaning on the web site.

If you have something on in your area, we would love to know about it, just drop me a mail at, that way darlings we can get your little shin dig a big plug across the world.

Enjoy the episode darlings and I will be talking next week.

With Love

Sandy b

Sandys Soapbox